UYT NETWORK Main-Net Wallet Tutorial Part3

Offline wallets: Offline wallets are also called cold wallets. Private key information never touches the Internet, effectively ensuring asset security.
Mnemonic phrase: mnemonic phrase is another form of private key. It uses an algorithm to convert the 64-bit private key into several common English words, which makes it easier to remember. The mnemonic phrase is composed of 12–24 words. One mnemonic phrase can generate infinite private keys. It can be understood that the mnemonic phrase is the root of a tree. This root can grow many branches, and each leaf is a private key.
SR25519: We will see a SR25519 algorithm in the process of creating a UYT wallet. This is a digital signature algorithm with extremely high signature and verification performance. A 4-core 2.4GHz Westmere cpu can verify 71,000 signatures per second. The security is extremely high, equivalent to about 3000-bit RSA. The signature process does not rely on a random number generator, does not rely on the anti-collision of the hash function, there is no time channel attack problem, and the signature is small, only 64 bytes, and the public key is also small, only 32 bytes.

Create offline wallet
First we open the UYT wallet, and then turn on the airplane mode.

Click to add an account, and then follow the prompts, please copy the following 12 mnemonics in order. At the same time, the mnemonic words should be copied correctly with paper and pen. After confirming that it is correct, click OK. Then follow the mnemonic words you just copied and click them into the verification box for verification. Click “Confirm”

Next, you need to fill in the label, enter the password, and verify the password. After inputting everything, click OK. In this way, we have the UYT public chain wallet address calculated by the SR25519 algorithm.
Security Tips: When creating a wallet, both connected to the network and not connected to the network are encrypted. It is just that the mobile phones of many users may be maliciously installed with monitoring software and the page records may be monitored, causing property loss.

Now we can test whether this offline wallet can receive assets. We transfer two accounts to this newly created wallet address, the amounts are both 0.2 UYT. The block heights are 89921 and 89922 respectively
After the transfer is successful, we cancel the flight mode. After connecting to the Internet, you will find that the balance of assets in the newly created offline wallet address is 0.4 UYT.

Import testnet mnemonics to generate mainnet mnemonics
The address where many users existed in UYT TEST NETWORK before the mainnet upgrade
Can be accessed via mobile phone (
To generate new mainnet mnemonics. You can also scan the QR code below to operate.

First of all, we need to fill in the mnemonic phrase of our testnet address, and click Next after filling in correctly. After verification, it prompts us that the testnet mnemonic phrase has been successfully imported. Next, we begin to prepare UYT’s mainnet mnemonic phrase. The same as the mnemonic words for the backup testnet before. We need to prepare paper and pen offline to copy the mnemonic words. OK, we click the backup mainnet mnemonic button.

Here we need to write down the latest mainnet mnemonic words with paper and pen. In order to facilitate future import and use in the UYT mainnet wallet. There will be a verification process after copying. So as not to copy the mnemonic words in the wrong order. After confirming that the mnemonic phrase is correct, click the confirm button. Prompt the mainnet mnemonic phrase has been generated.

Import the mainnet mnemonics into the UYT mainnet wallet to generate a new mainnet address.

Next, we start to import in the new UYT mainnet wallet (UYT_PRO version). Click Import Account, enter the mnemonic phrase you just copied down into the wallet, click Next after confirming that it is correct, set the password and confirm the password (the label is not required here, and the user can also change the label at will. The label is only used as a logo. Participating in the future blockchain has no practical meaning.

Important reminder: Unlike the UYT test network, the UYT NETWORK consensus mechanism is NPoS, which has learned the lessons of BTC and ETH. ETH and BTC have a large number of junk accounts (the assets abandoned by users or accounts that are rarely insufficient to pay the fees) ), the accumulation of a large number of invalid data will cause waste of resources and disks. UYT NETWORK maximizes the performance of the public chain, and will burn all redundant assets in the main network address (less than 0.1 UYT in the public chain address) Processing, if you like an account, please ensure that the UYT assets of this account address are greater than or equal to 0.1 UYT. Of course, you also need to know that UYT in accounts with redundant assets (less than 0.1 UYT in the public chain address) will not affect the cross-chain assets in the address when it is burned. In the UYT NETWORK public chain, all assets are on the blockchain, and all asset conversions and asset transfers also require UYT as a handling fee, because if you want to perform asset conversion or on-chain decentralized transactions, please ensure that the address is UYT Balance.

The current function introduction of the UYT NETWORK mainnet wallet is mainly divided into three parts. We will explain the process for users as soon as the follow-up function update of the mainnet wallet. Remember: the wallet mnemonic must be backed up by yourself and cannot be exposed to others or lost , Otherwise the assets will not be retrieved.