Latest news of UYT from UYT DAO Head Benjamin Woo

Hello everyone, here we are. Today I want to share with you the node plan, private equity plan and ecological progress of uyt.

Since The main network of UYT has been on line and has been running stably for…

Offline wallets: Offline wallets are also called cold wallets. Private key information never touches the Internet, effectively ensuring asset security.
Mnemonic phrase: mnemonic phrase is another form of private key. It uses an algorithm to convert the 64-bit private key into several common English words, which makes it easier to remember…

To the global users and supporters of UYT NETWORK:
Node election: UYT NETWORK mainnet is online and has been running stably for a period of time. We will open the mainnet community node application in the next week. The node selection will be auctioned, both BTC/ETH/USDT. The first batch of verification…

In the last article, we introduced the functions of transaction, transfer, and cross-chain conversion.
This article mainly introduces pledged assets and how to select verification nodes for nomination.
Operation demonstration address details:
UYT available balance: 7.0777 Frozen amount: 2
U-USDT available balance: 396.51
U-BTC available balance: 0
U-ETH available balance: 0
After the mainnet is launched, UYT…

UYT Main-Net Pre-Launching AMA Completed with a Blast

7pm, 29th September 2020 Beijing time the UYT Main-Net pre-launching AMA successfully completed with a blast. Here is a full record of the AMA.


Hello everyone, it’s a great honor to host the first AMA of uyt network in China. Today…

Latest update of UYT Network

Some key numbers:

● Total number of nodes: 201

● Total number of accounts: 3,445,789

● Total issuance: 34,100,450

● Lock-up amount: 34,602,528

Development progress

Main chain

1. Assist the trust in handling Bitcoin withdrawal issues

2. Hide the display of the trial account addresses

3. Provide…


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